Future Planning

Our library is rapidly running out of room. See this tab for information about future plans for the Donnellson Public Library. We were awarded the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust award of $60,000 in January. Then, we were awarded $233,249 from the Community Attraction and tourism fund on Feb. 10, 2016. We will begin building in late summer or early fall. Watch this space for more exciting news! We are still raising money for furnishings and equipment, if you would like to help!
We have a building site for our new library!
An article about our future library.
Library Invites City Officials to a Walk-Through
This article appeared in our March Newsletter, regarding a meeting to make some plans for the future of our library. See our current newsletter in the "News" tab.
Needs Assessment completed in March, 2008
This is the report submitted to our Board of Trustees by professional Library Consultant, George Lawson, regarding some of the improvements needed to our library.
Needs Assessment completed in 2008 in PDF form
This is another copy, in PDF form, of our needs assessment, completed by professional library consultant, George Lawson, in March, 2008.
Property purchase
The Donnellson Public Library Board of Trustees and City Council have voted to purchase 1/2 lot of the adjecent property to the north from Mike Jarvis.
The Donnellson Public Library Board of Trustees is Researching an Adequate Property for our New Building
An article about our future plans for a new library
We won our CAT Grant!
Building Update: We Received Our CAT Grant! I am so very happy to report that we have received a Community Attraction and Tourism Grant from the State of Iowa for $233,249. This is a huge gift to the community of Donnellson, and we will be able to build our new library. We are still raising funds for furnishings and décor, but the building structure is virtually paid for.