Annual Report

Annual Report of the

Donnellson Public Library


July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

The Donnellson Public Library is open 45.5 hours per week, except during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we were closed to visitors March 18-June2.   We have a total of 1,857 patrons registered.  Of these, 758 are municipal residents, and 803 are from rural areas in Lee County.27 are from Franklin, which supports the library through a tax option. We serve 94 patrons from Fort Madison, Keokuk, Montrose, and West Point through our open access agreement. The rest of the registered patrons are from Van Buren County, or outside of Lee County.

Circulation Statistics:                          2017-2018    2018-2019       2019-2020

Total circulations for all                            22,888         26,215          25,947


Adult non-fiction books                                1,447          1,346            1,220

Adult fiction books                                       5,451          4,261            3,487

Large Print books                                        1,638           1,569            1,243

Easy & Beginning Kids’ books                    2,953          3,062            2,514

Juvenile non-fiction books                               506             477              474

Juvenile fiction books                                    1,931          1,859           1,792

Young Adult Fiction                                        859             910            1,033

Magazines and periodicals                            1,212         1,060               645

Reference                                                             5                2                   4

Audio Books                                                  1,707         1,812             1,055            

Videos & DVD’s                                           5,035         9,209             8,483

Music CD’s                                                        17           176                   19

Temporary items                                               488           672                 553

(includes not cataloged)

Other Items                                                        4               3                     22

E-books circulated                                          842          1,580               1,521

Patron Services:

People entering the library                           21,618       13,945              9,468

New Patrons registered                                     204            162                132

Interlibrary loans borrowed                              311            467                309

Loans to other libraries                                    450            348                 407

Reference questions asked                            1,014          1,102                632

Reference questions answered                      1,013          1,100               630

Telephone calls answered                             2,140          1,927             1,402

Photocopies                                                   7,483          8,004             5,229                               

Children’s programs                                         112             63                   56

Children in attendance                                   1,494          1,304               570

Programs for adults                                             36              31                 77

Adults in attendance                                          491            405               315

Visitors to Genealogy                                        231            530               227

People using the Internet                                2,433          3,052        1,992

Activity Room Use                                         3,038        2,694          1,436

Volunteer hours worked                                 2,156         1,248         1,026


Materials:       Books              Video & DVD              Audio Books    Music CD’s   Mags



Total Items in our library collection:  24,622

(There are also 27,759 downloadable Audio books from Bridges, and 93,454

 e-books in the shared collection.)


In June of 2012, the Donnellson Library joined the WILBOR consortium so that our patrons could download electronic books, or audio books to their various portable devices.  The consortium owns downloadable audio books, and e-books. We have had about 85-125 circulations per month among our patrons for this service.  The service is now called BRIDGES.


The Donnellson Library offers free programs for children throughout the year.  However, all programs were suspended in Mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We currently offer preschool Story Hour each Wednesday at 10:00.  In the summer, we usually offer a 6-week reading program geared toward school-aged kids, 6-12.  This summer, we are handing out activity bags for kids to do at home. We began a teen book club during the summer of 2019.


We usually offer several programs for adults at the library, the Donnellson Book Core (a book club,) the Writer’s Bloc, Senior Crafternoon sponsored by The Kensington, and The History Round Table.  These programs meet once each month, but were suspended during the COVID-19 crisis. The Writer’s Bloc is facilitated entirely by volunteers, and is a group for aspiring authors and illustrators.  The Donnellson Book Core has a volunteer secretary, and the library orders the books for the group.  This year, we also offered senior art or craft classes, or lectures sponsored by the Kensington.


The Donnellson Library has a lively group of regular volunteers who help in the Local and Family History Department, and with book covering, kids’ programs, etc.  We have also had extra volunteer hours this year, consisting of those people working on the Proenneke Museum, and designing and maintaining a website for Richard Proenneke,  mailing out books purchased by Proenneke fans, and two Facebook pages.



Brenda Knox

Library Director