For Teens

We would love to see more of our community's teens!  We know you are super busy.  When works for you and your group?  What kind of activity would you like to see? Bring your ideas to the library and make the kind of activities you want to attend!

Some ideas for activities include:

art classes

murder mystery activities

snack & discussion "your favorite book(s)" groups 

cooking clubs

escape rooms

read-a-thon (any of your favorite books read aloud from start to finish)

comic con 

pizza and a movie

legos (robotic and regular)

board games / puzzle building contest

writer's groups

acting groups

open mic night


Talk to or email the library director about scheduling your teen activity.     

Volunteers are always welcome at the lirbary!  If you have free time or volunteer hours to get in, talk or email the library director.