Copy Service

Two copy machines are available for copy and printing services.  The copy machine in the kids area is available for patrons to make copies themselves. The machine by the activity room is available for printing services with the assistance of a librarian. 

Copies and print pricing:

Black and White, 1-sided            $ .10 per page

Black and White, 2-sided            $ .15 per page

Color, 1-sided                              $ .15 per page

Color, 2-sided                              $ .30 per page

Fax Service

Faxes can be both sent and received for patrons at the library for numbers within the United States.  A cover letter is available as needed.   The cost to send and receive faxes is:

$1.00 per page sent

$.10 per page for 1-sided faxes recieved

$.15 per page for 2-sided faxes recieved